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Several commonly used 2D image barcode reading engines and their application fields
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-12-07 | Views:396
With the rapid development of information technology, two-dimensional image barcode reading engines have become an indispensable part of modern society. They can quickly and accurately read the information in 2D barcodes, providing convenience to all walks of life. Whether in e-commerce, ticketing systems, medical drug traceability, or warehousing management, it is not difficult to find barcode reading engines. Maybe they have been embedded in some kind of reading equipment to provide convenient barcode recognition functions. , or integrate with other systems to achieve more intelligent applications. Below RAKINDA introduces several commonly used 2D image barcode reading engines based on many years of industry experience, and discusses their applications and advantages in different application fields.

1. LV30 QR code reading engine
The LV30 barcode reading engine applies the world's leading chip-based intelligent image recognition technology, creating a new era of image-based QR code reading engines. The seamless integration of CMOS image sensor and decoder board makes the engine small, lightweight and easy to integrate. No matter what the embedded application is, it can always cover all aspects, seamlessly replace the SE955 without changing the mold, and easily solve the increasingly common paper code and LCD, mobile phone screen barcode recognition problems. The application fields of LV30 are very wide, and it is very suitable to be installed and embedded into various handheld devices as barcode scanning accessories, including PDA devices, tablet devices, thin and light devices, etc.

2. LV5300 QR code scanning module
LV5300 is a powerful and widely used two-dimensional image barcode reading engine. It can quickly and accurately identify various two-dimensional barcodes, including QR codes, DataMatrix, PDF417, etc., and can be installed into the host by embedding integrated devices. The host can be a PC, POS machine, or with USB, RS232, Any smart terminal with TTL interface, including thin and light devices, desktop mobile payment devices, face recognition devices, etc.

3. RD4500 QR code scanning and identification module
RD4500 is an embedded 1d/2d scanning module. It applies international chip-based LV intelligent image recognition technology and has fast reading and decoding capabilities. It is lightweight, yet powerful, and is very suitable for embedding and integrating into equipment and projects in various industries to quickly read a variety of 1D and 2D barcodes. It also supports reading barcodes on high-reflectivity surfaces such as mobile phone screens, and is capable of reading a variety of 2D barcodes. Scanning application provides an ideal fixed 2D barcode scanning solution for self-service equipment and maximizes application value.

Technology is changing with each passing day. Automatic recognition technology, especially QR code reading technology, has deeply affected our lives. The 2D image barcode reading engine still plays an important role in the field of recognition of QR codes and other barcodes, providing services to various industries. Provides convenient solutions. Different barcode reading engines are suitable for different scenarios and needs. When users choose a 2D image barcode reading engine suitable for their own application scenarios, they need to consider factors such as recognition speed, accuracy, and compatibility. At the same time, the application needs of different industries also require the selection of appropriate QR code reading engines based on specific circumstances. If you don’t know how to choose, RAKINDA will do it for you. We will professionally select the barcode reading engine and QR code reading engine that are most suitable for you and the most cost-effective to meet your needs.

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