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Barcode sanner module use in smart hospitals
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2024-01-03 | Views:350
In the modern medical industry, the application of barcode technology has become one of the important means to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services. It is widely used in medical scenarios such as drug tracking, medical record management, and patient identification. Whether in clinical management, pharmacy management, laboratory testing and other aspects, or in medical self-service machines, payment settlement and other scenarios, many hospitals will adopt device embedding and fixed scanning solutions. That is to say, the barcode module is embedded in a fixed-position device and scanned at a fixed angle and distance to improve the scanning speed and accuracy. To achieve efficient code scanning, it is crucial to choose a suitable barcode module (or QR code module).

Shenzhen Rakinda Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading brand in the barcode identification industry and automatic identification technology. They have focused on QR code-related technology and hardware R&D and manufacturing for many years. They have continued to develop many code-scanning readers for use scenarios in the medical industry. The industry-leading product for barcode applications can easily read many common barcode types in medical scenarios, including 128 codes, EAN codes, QR codes, etc. It has various product series, including scanning modules, barcode modules, barcode scanning engines, embedded scanners, embedded one-dimensional code scanning modules, two-dimensional code modules, two-dimensional code scanning modules, and two-dimensional code scanning modules. Barcode reading equipment such as QR code scanning heads and fixed scanners are compact in design, support secondary development, and are easier to integrate into a variety of medical equipment... Below is some introduction to its products.

▲ Preferred for embedded medical handheld devices (PDA)
Barcode module LV30 series
The LV30 embedded one-dimensional and two-dimensional code scanning module is a barcode reading engine based on Rakinda's intelligent image recognition technology and a thin and light industrial design concept. It can be easily embedded into various OEM products (including handheld, portable and fixed barcode collectors, etc.), while providing as many secondary development functions as possible. It aims to provide higher performance and reliability while providing more design space for other integration technologies. In the process of accurate dispensing of prescription orders, or verification of identity and accurate distribution of medicines, the LV30 is embedded and integrated into the medical handheld device, and the barcodes of the medicines can be scanned one by one to ensure that the medicine is taken correctly; when the barcode on the patient's medicine pick-up order is scanned, the barcode can be accurately Confirm patient identity to avoid medication errors.

▲ Embedded medical diagnostic/analytical equipment selection
QR code module LV3396 series
The LV3396 embedded code scanning device uses CMOS imaging technology + an internationally leading intelligent graphic recognition system, which can quickly and accurately identify various types of barcodes, whether linear barcodes or QR codes, and can easily handle them. It has a built-in laser positioning engine, which can of course read dirty, reversed colors and fine barcodes better. LV3396 can be directly embedded and integrated into medical equipment as a key component for barcode scanning and decoding. Its decoding speed, decoding accuracy, and reflective anti-interference capabilities are strong. It can quickly and accurately enter inspection item barcodes, medical inspection test tube 2D barcodes, etc., and will The inspection information is transferred to the computer.

▲ Preferred for embedded medical self-service machines
QR code scanner RD4500R series
The RD4500R series QR code scanning module uses self-developed intelligent core decoding technology to quickly read barcode information on mobile phone screens and paper documents. This code scanner is sensitive to code reading, supports secondary development, and can be perfectly embedded in various medical self-service terminals. The more efficient code scanning efficiency alleviates the current rapidly growing medical needs. In addition, because the 4500R uses a unique two-dimensional reading engine, the scanning is fast and accurate. It is optimized for mobile phone screen code scanning, and will be more sensitive in scanning and identifying Alipay and WeChat payment codes.

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