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RD3100 health code scanning and verification to reduce the spread of epidemic situation
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-01-24 | Views:529

Recently, the epidemic has spread in many places. Many provinces across the country have reported local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections. The situation is grim. The epidemic prevention and control around the country has become more and more strict. Health code verification has once again become a necessary step for people to see a doctor, work, shop and travel.

However, in the past, the verification of health codes required smart phones, which was difficult to fully cover all personnel (especially the elderly and other special groups who were not good at using smart phones); In addition, in the past, the verification of health codes was mostly manual, which provided an opportunity for those who used invalid expired codes and concealed green codes. At present, the RD3100 health code scanning verification platform launched by Shenzhen Rakinda provides a good solution to solve the loopholes in the above series of health code verification links.

The core function of RD3100 health code scanning verification platform is "health code verification", which quickly updates and iterates on the basis of improving security and performance, adapts to the latest national government affairs platform mechanism, and provides health code detection service based on code scanning / ID card call covering all regions of the country. The use of the desktop health code verification equipment has effectively helped to significantly improve and improve the problems of large traffic in the prevention and control scene, many elderly people can't operate smartphones, or can't show health codes, and the need for efficient passage.

RD3100 health code scanning verification platform uses the method of swiping ID card + scanning health code to register and verify health code. For the elderly, only one ID card is needed to complete the "three in one" verification scanning of person, card and code in about 3 seconds. The information such as health code status, 14 day trip, nucleic acid detection and vaccination will be clear on the computer screen. The identification and rapid passage of epidemic prevention risk information can be completed in 3 seconds, which is simple and fast.

As the prevention and control efforts in various places are tightened again, it is believed that in a short time, RD3100 health code scanning verification platform will become a favorite for the application of intelligent access system for verifying health codes, especially in the landing application of major epidemic "transmission places" such as international airports, performance venues, public transportation, chess and card rooms and hospitals, It can solve the risk of epidemic spread and the pressure of prevention and control to the greatest extent.

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