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RD008 QR IC Card Reader Access Control Device for Elevator or Office Building
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-02-23 | Views:406

At present, the foreign epidemic situation is still very serious, and bad behaviors such as theft have occurred in many places. For this reason, the application of scanning and swiping access control integrated machines is becoming more and more common. Most customers will use it for office access control, building entrances, elevator access control, gates, gyms and other entrances and exits. Today I want to introduce our access control integrated machine RD008 to everyone.

Standard RD008 support QR reading, IC card reading, even ID card as optional, support Wiegand26/34, Ethernet port (TCP/HTTP),with 1.8 ”TFT true color screen, optional functions still have wifi or Bluetooth. RD008 IP rated is IP65, so can stop water and dust in some extent, very suitable for outdorr use. Many our Europen and Mecico clients ordered many after testing the samle well. Pls check attached our successful cases in Mexico

RD008 QR IC reader main features as below:
1. Embedded multi-tasking real-time operating system, the system can be fully started in 3 seconds.
2. Single door network access control + QR code scanning head + IC card reader triple product. Make the on-site installation and maintenance simple and cost-effective.
3. The product comes with a voice amplifier and speaker. The voice for common entry and exit events can be set. The network can control nearly 150 voices and can customize the voice.
4. Encrypted QR code that complies with the agreed rules can be opened / opened directly when not connected to the Internet.
The agreed rules mainly include: 1) the start time and end time of the two-dimensional code valid; 2) the number of times the two-dimensional code is valid and exceeds the number of uses, the two-dimensional code can no longer be used; 3) equipment MAC matching or project number building number Match, a QR code can contain one or more device numbers, which can be legally valid on multiple devices; 
4) The encryption key of the QR code can be modified without leaving any backdoors or loopholes to ensure the security of the QR code.

5. Common parameters such as network IP parameters, lock delay, Wiegand 26/34, etc. can be set directly through the QR code, making site commissioning easier

6. Equipment capacity: 35,000 cards, 50,000 records, 100,000 QR codes, and records and QR codes exceeding the capacity will be automatically covered.

7. The product adopts the battery-free clock holding circuit, without batteries, eliminating the need to replace the battery regularly, and the trouble of express delivery.

So if you have similar project for elevator or turnstile or gym, you can consider it. If you need separate QR scanner only, we have suitable one for kiosk or turnstile. If you are access control system or kiosk or turnstile manufacturer, then you are our target client, Pls trust we can keep long cooperation.

In the past 20 years, RAKINDA has accumulated rich experience in the automatic identification of the Internet of Things. It has successfully assisted in the hardware solutions of major, small and medium-sized production line barcode scanning and identification projects. Its products include Datalogic, Cognex, Newland and Rakinda’s industrial barcode scanning products. Outstanding DPM, 1D, and 2D code decoding capabilities, ultra-fast image acquisition and excellent high-speed mobile barcode reading capabilities, can be easily integrated into small spaces and can also meet high-speed production lines application requirements. With strong independent research and development strength, rich experience in barcode scanning application integration projects, and excellent product characteristics and application performance, it has also won a good market reputation and brand value for itself.

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