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Facial Recognition System is Used for Cash Withdrawal and Shopping Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-02-28 | Views:452

Nowadays, the face recognition system is widely used. As long as you register your face photos in advance, you can handle deposit and withdrawal procedures at the bank window and shop in retail stores with your bare hands. According to reports, the system can also be used to confirm identity when checking in to hotels and renting cars, which is expected to improve convenience in a wide range of areas.

The registration of facial photos is based on the customer’s consent, but from the perspective of privacy protection, how to ensure security may become the key to popularizing related services. The user's facial photo data will be stored on a server that cannot be accessed from the outside. The development of artificial intelligence has greatly improved the accuracy of face recognition, and illegal access is very difficult.

In such application, using a reliable face recognition module is really important. Rakinda M5 face recognition camera combines 640×480 pixel TOF camera and 5 million pixel RGB camera. The small and thin structure makes it easy for various embedded type, handheld detection terminal application to realize facial recognition, face liveness detection, scene recognition and gestures recognition. With provided SDK, users can make product integration and secondary development according to own requirement.

Here in China, face recognition payment is also becoming popular. People accept it well because of the easy validation process, good safety, and high efficiency of payment. Apart from China, other countries such as Korea, Japan, Brazil are also applying such payment method. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for details. We can offer you reliable hardware with sdk. 

Rakinda is a top ranking automatic identification and IoT solution supplier, with more than 20 years experience. Apart from AI face recognition, Rakinda also develops and manufacturer barcode scanner, QR code scanner, fixed mount scanner, etc. We are willing to share our experience, and solutions with customers from all over the world. Welcome your inquiry.

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