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The Difference Between Professional Barcode Scanner and Normal Mobile Phone
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-06-06 | Views:251
What is the difference between professional scanning equipment and mobile barcode scanning software? Shenzhen Rakinda will introduce the specific differences for you.

1. Differences in design:
The barcode scanning device has a dedicated barcode scanning engine, which scans and parses the QR code of the barcode;
The mobile phone scans the barcode QR code is based on the camera to capture the picture, and the built-in software is used for secondary analysis and output. At the same time, the mobile phone is a multi-functional application, and scanning the code is only one of them.

2. Difference in decoding:
Professional barcode scanning equipment belongs to "hardware decoding", with dedicated decoding chips and cameras in it; decoding speed is calculated in milliseconds. 
The mobile phone scans the barcode QR code is the built-in decoding software that decodes and outputs the captured photos. The decoding success rate and supported barcode types are completely dependent on the calculation method of the decoding software and how to allocate the mobile phone hardware. The time used for this process must be much larger than professional barcode scanning equipment, mobile phone scanning is commonly known as "software decoding".

3. The difference of operation mode:
The aiming method of the barcode scanning device is called external aiming. When the key switch is activated, there will be an aiming line (frame, center point, etc.) to help you align the barcode. The mobile phone needs to put the barcode in the correct position on the screen, which is very slow and inconvenient to operate, and the work efficiency is greatly reduced.

4.The difference between communication protocols:
The scanner basically supports USB port, RS232 serial port, and network port communication. Basically, all the application software that uses the scanner gun use these communication protocols, and the decoding results are directly output to the application software, such as supermarket cashier, manufacturer traceability system, logistics warehousing system, in-out warehouse system, etc. The result of the mobile phone scan is only displayed on the screen of your mobile phone, or it can only communicate and interact with the APP on your mobile phone. If you want to communicate with a PC or other devices, the workload in the middle is too much, and it takes too much effort.

Rakinda S2 handheld data collector is embedded with high performance 2d scan engine LV30, with 3mil reading precision and laser aiming. It’s cost effective and well accepted by customers, and widely used in warehouse management, store inventory checking, logistics,etc. 

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