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What is the difference between UPC and Code 128?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-15 | Views:5170

Both of them are one-dimensional code.

UPS and code 128 is two different code system. CODE 128 is introduced in 1981, a high-density bar code, which can be expressed from ASCII 0 to ASCII 127, a total of 128 characters, so it is called Code 128. It contains numbers, letters, and symbol characters.
UPC code (Universal Product Code) is the first large-scale application of the bar code, which is characterized by a fixed length, continuity of the bar code. Because of its wide range of applications, it is also known as universal bar code. UPC code can only be used to represent the number, so the code set is number 0 ~ 9. 

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