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Do You Know How Many Types of QR Code There Are?
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We all know that QR code is originated from Japan. But do you know there are different types of QR code? Some QR code Scanner can just read normal QR code. So, it is necessary for us to know the difference between each type of QR code.

Type 1: QR Code Model 1 and Model 2

QR Code Model 1 and Model 2
Model 1 is the original QR Code. The largest version of this code is 14 (73 x 73 modules), which is capable of storing up to 1,167 numerals.
Model 2 is an improvement on Model 1 with the largest version being 40 (177 x 177 modules), which is capable of storing up to 7,089 numerals. Today, the term QR Code usually refers to this type.

Type 2: Micro-QR Code

Micro-QR Code
A major feature of Micro QR Code is it has only one position detection pattern, compared with regular QR Code that requires a certain amount of area because position detection patterns are located at the three corners of a symbol.
Furthermore, QR Code requires at least a four-module wide margin around a symbol, whereas a two-module wide margin is enough for Micro QR Code. This configuration of Micro QR Code allows printing in areas even smaller than QR Code.

Type 3: IQR Code

IQR Code
iQR Code is a matrix-type 2D code allowing easy reading of its position and size. This code allows a wide size range of codes from ones smaller than the traditional QR Code and Micro QR Code to large ones that can store more data than these.
This code can be printed as a rectangular code, turned-over code, black-and-white inversion code or dot pattern code (direct part marking) as well, allowing a wide range of applications in various areas.

Type 4: SQRC

SQRC is a type of QR Code equipped with reading restricting function. This can be used to store private information and to manage company’s internal information and the like.
* This functionality does not mean guaranteed securing of coded data.

Type 5: Frame QR Code

Frame QR Code
FrameQR is a QR code with a “canvas area” that can be flexibly used. In the center of this code is the canvas area, where graphics, letters, and more can be flexibly arranged, making it possible to lay out the code without losing the design of illustrations, photos, etc.

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