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LV30 as Built-in Barcode Scanner Module in Tablet
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-03-11 | Views:2700

I am the project manager of a medical tablet manufacturer in United States. We are now using Rakinda LV30 as built-in barcode scanner module in our tablet. The design concept is to read the QR code on patient's wrist strap, as well as the Datamatrix code on the drug or tub. So far the scanner works very well and we are pretty satisfied. The most impressive feature of this scanner is the 3 mil high resolution, and cross laser aiming, which makes it fast reading and easy positioning. Also the compact size makes it easy for integration. Thanks for the excellent technical support and after-sale service from Rakinda. I am so happy to work with Rakinda Team.


Stefan-Project Manager

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