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How to choose the industrial scanner used on the production line?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-07-01 | Views:1284

Generally, industrial-grade fixed scanners are used more on production lines. The industrial scanning module on the production line is mainly used to read the barcode information on the products sent from the conveyor belt. Shenzhen Rakinda has been making industrial scanner products for more than 22 years, please click to browse and consult our products. Due to uncertain factors such as barcode printing clarity and factory scanning environment, it is necessary to be able to install and scan product barcodes from multiple angles and quickly read product barcodes on conveyor belts in batches. Therefore, fixed scanners must have high-sensitivity recognition capabilities which support working modes such as automatic scanning and command control to avoid unstable scanning.

In the automated assembly line and each processing process, the barcode labels are used to mark the main parts and components, and the barcode information is collected and decoded by the barcode scanner and entered into the database of the computer server. Each product and main part will have a unique Barcodes, no matter where the product is sent, will be recorded.
The following factors need to be considered when selecting a barcode scanner for a production line:
1. Barcode type and barcode width, such as barcode symbology, number of digits, and density;
2. The direction and position of the barcode paste, is parallel or perpendicular to the scanning light;
3. The speed of the assembly line;
4. Scanning distance, distance requirements between barcode and scanner;
5. The vibration of the conveyor belt;
6. The installation of the bracket, whether it needs an adjustable bracket;
7. Sensors and alarm devices;
8. What kind of interface is needed, and whether it is necessary to form a network to access the same server or PLC;
9. Interface with background application system;
10. Scan barcodes and QR codes in motion at high speed, and support working modes such as automatic scanning and command control.
Most people are confused about barcode scanning and automatic identification solutions on production lines and conveyor belts. If you are looking for a cost-effective stationary industrial scanner, Shenzhen Rakinda recommends you RK65 industrial stationary barcode scanner. RK65 is for A high-performance fixed industrial barcode scanner designed for industrial automation production line applications, with IP65 industrial grade and equipped with a 1280*800 megapixel C-MOS sensor. In a dusty working environment, it can also maintain a good working condition for a long time.

Main features of the equipment:

●Intelligent light source system
Built-in intelligent light source adjustment function to meet various complex barcode scanning requirements in general scenes and industrial production lines with different materials (such as reflections), shapes (surfaces), backgrounds and barcode colors

●Flexible I/O expansion interface
It is easy to realize external trigger scanning through the I/O expansion interface. It supports 1-channel optocoupler isolation input (NPN/PNP/relay) and 2-channel optocoupler isolation output (Good; NG) to control external devices

●IP65 protection grade
Prevent the intrusion of foreign objects and prevent water splashing from all directions to avoid equipment causing damage

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