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LV2218 2D Scanner Module

Category:2D Scanner Module

Product ID:LV2218


Product Introduction:LV2218 weighs only 5 grams and fits easily into even the most space-constrained equipments such as data collectors, meter readers, ticket validators and PDAs.


The LV2218 supports all mainstream 1D as well as PDF417, QR Code (M1/M2/Micro), Data Matrix and GS1 DataBarTM(RSS) (Limited/ Stacked/ Expanded versions)

Product Features:

1)2D Barcode Decoder Chip

The engine armed with the state-of-the-art 2D barcode decoder chip invented by Rakinda demonstrates unprecedented reading performance.

2)Two-In-One Design

Seamless integration of CMOS image sensor and decoder board makes the engine small, lightweight and easy for integration.

3)High Performance & Ultra-Low Power Consumption

The engine can read 1D and 2D barcodes with a power consumption only one third that of a traditional engine.

4) All-Round Scanning Capability

It can read barcodes on virtually any medium - paper, plastic cards, mobile phones and LCD displays.

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