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LV2217 2D Scanner Module

Category:2D Scanner Module

Product ID:LV2217


Product Introduction:Designed for OEM applications, this high-performance decoded image can easily be intergrated into various devices such as kiosks,ticketing machines and PDA's.


Product Features:
◆ Superior decoding performance 
Delivers speedy and accurate scanning performance and supports mainstream 1D/2D barcode symbologies.
◆ Ease of application development
Provided SDK and APIs allow software developers to conveniently create their own applications.
◆ Flexible structural design
Offers both combined type and discrete type to meet different mounting needs.
◆ Various interfaces

Provides RS-232, USB and TTL (optional) interfaces and supports USB HID-KBW, COM Port Emulation, Data Pipe, etc.

Test conditions:
Code 39; 3 Bytes; Resolution=10mil; W:N=3:1; PCS=0.8; Barcode Height=11mm; Scan Distance=120mm; T=23℃; Illumination=200 lux
*Specifications are subject to change without notice*

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