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RD300 Bus Card Reader

Category:Bus QR Code Scanner

Product ID:RD300


Product Introduction:This device can scan 2D code, printed or screen code, IC card and UnionPay quickly.

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RD300 Bus Payment Validator Can Achieve Fast Fare Collection By Swipping IC Card or Reading Ticket QR Code, Support GPS, Positioning and Tracker to Get Vehicle Location and Route Data for Fare Collection.

This devices can scan 2D code, printed or screen code, IC card and UnionPay quickly. Passengers can use "WeChat, Alipay" and other 2d code payment, in addition to 2d code payment, both credit card payment and other payment methods. Not only can help customers solve the exchange change and forget the trouble with the card; and with the amount of statistics, passenger payment time statistics and other functions that allow customers to pay for information at a glance to help bus companies reduce the cash flow of the inventory workload and the bank charges to reduce the loss with the residual coins, counterfeit money.

QR Code Scanner Payment Features

A. Burning program
After power is off, press button 1; turn on power and it will enter burning program interface
B. Burning voice file
After the machine is working normally, pressing button 1 for a long time, and it will enter into voice file burning interface
C. Inquiry
After the machine is working normally, press the button 2 for a short time, you can inquire the POS info, transaction records etc.
D. Rate, driver card and ticket seller card
After the machine is working normally, press the button 3 for a long time and then you can set the rate, read the driver or ticket seller card.
(Note: the functions of three buttons can be customized)

Parameter of Android Bus Validator Reader

RD300 Bus Machine Manual



32 bitARM, 120MHz


64Kb FRAM. 8Mb+1Gb DataFlash

Contact less Card Scanning

1D, 2D barcode payment; support ISO14443 card, CPU card,such as Mifare 1 S50/S70, Mifare Pro, IC card, 13.56 sim card etc.


Support four ISO7816 sim cards


It can store 265 pcs of voice, and the voice can be updated through software and no need to dismount the machine.


5 inch TFT color display


9V-36V, it has protection for over-voltage, over-current, converse connection, under-voltage.


RS232, RS485

Wireless Communication





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