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RD009 4G QR Code RFID Reader with Screen and Password

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RD009 is a four-in-one product with network access control + QR code scanning head + RFID card reader + TFT true color display, with its own voice amplifier and speaker.

Smart Card Access Control Features

* Can customize the voice, and can expand the TTS voice function
* Encrypted QR code that complies with the agreed rules can open the door/gate directly when it is not connected to the Internet.
* Equipment capacity: the card capacity is 85,000 cards and 100,000 records, the number of QR codes is 100,000 times.
* It can be expanded and installed with Bluetooth module, LORA module, RS232/RS485 module functions

Parameters of Gate Access Control

RD009 QR Wifi 4G Datasheet

Component Parameters

Image Sensor


Recognition Lighting

White light LED

QR Code Recognition

QR CODE, DATA MATRIX and other formats, support mobile phone mirror recognition and paper recognition

One-dimensional Code Recognition

CODE 128, Code39, UCC/EAN-128, AIM-128, EAN-8 and other format recognition;

Recognition Distance


4G Network Parameters

Communication System

Communication System: 4G full Netcom

Applicable Frequency Band


LTE-TDD B34/B38/B39/B40/B41

General Characteristics

3GPP E-UTRA Release 13

Bandwidth 1.4/3/5/10/20MHz


Transmitting Power

LTE-TDD Class3 (23dBm+1/-3dmB)

LTE-FDD Class3 (23dBm+1/-2dmB)

LTD Feature

Support Cat.1;

Support VoLTE

Support 1.4-20MHz RF bandwidth

LTE-TDD Maximum uplink rate 4Mbps, maximum downlink rate 8Mbps

LTE-FDD Maximum uplink rate 5Mbps, maximum downlink rate 10Mbps

Network Protocol Features


Electrical Parameters

Power Input


Working Current

<500mA (Note: Electric lock current is not included)

Relay Output

 Relay DC30V/3A, 250VAC/3A

Interface Protection

All input and output interfaces have overcurrent and overvoltage protection

Door Lock Output

1 way, relay capacity DC30V/3A

Door Sensor Input

1 way

Button Input

1 way

Communication Transmission

RJ45 network port, wireless 4G full Netcom (Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, support eSIM card)

Voice Output

Built-in amplifier speaker, customizable voice, and extendable TTS voice

Card-reading Attributes

Support RFID card reading, card sector reading and writing, anti-copy CPU card reading and writing

Other Parameters

Installation size

120mm *76mm * 25mm (height * width * thickness), compatible with standard 86 box installation size

Working environment

Temperature and humidity 5%~95%, temperature -30℃~65℃



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