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SM2180 Self-Service Cash Register

Category:Unmanned Supermarket

Product ID:SM2180


Product Introduction:Self-service cash register Checkout can use Mobile QR code payment, online payment (Alipay/Wechat), face recognition, is convenient and fast

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Product Features:

1. Self-service scan code settlement, support for online payment (Alipay / WeChat), face recognition for no sense payment.

2. Customizable and flexible development.

3. Embedded metal shell design, specially designed for all kinds of self-service equipment, integrated installation.

4. Extreme speed sensing, super cool shopping experience.

5. In the standby/sleep mode, when the scanned object approaches the scanning window, the device is instantly activated and quickly read.

Application fields:

1. SM2180 will be widely used for all kinds of smart stores for mobile payment by QR code or  RFID card, no need to take cash for safer consumption.

2. SM2180 can support UHF Super technology to realize the self-service settlement freely.
3. SM2180 can help owner save labor cost obviously and sharply.
4. SM2180 can help owner get a very good online data management every day in time.

5. SM2180 can help support Multi-tag read rate 100% (400 labels) to save much time.

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