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The Use of Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner in Production Line
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-07-25 | Views:465
The factory production line often produces and assembles some products continuously. In order to be able to trace the source of the product or enter the information, a unique identification barcode (similar to an ID card) will be affixed to the product. To identify such identification barcodes, barcode identification equipment is required. We call this type of equipment a "fixed mount barcode scanner". This type of equipment is usually used on factory production lines or assembly lines.

In the production line of the factory, in order to record and count products more conveniently, quickly and intelligently, labels are often attached to the products, and then the code word information is collected through this type of fixed scanning head. recorded in the database. If a product has a quality problem, or you want to check the root cause of a product, you can directly retrieve the data recorded in the database through the barcode information, and you can see all the information recorded by the product, which is more convenient for product traceability or after-sales repair. , and no matter where the product is sold, a series of information about the product can be found.

In the actual scene, 100% input of correct product barcode information is also affected by other factors, such as the quality of barcode printing, the light of the scanning environment, etc., so when choosing a fixed scanner, its requirements are It is relatively high. It must be able to install fixedly, scan barcodes from multiple angles, and be able to quickly read the product barcode information on the conveyor belt. In this way, the scanner must have high recognition ability, fast response speed, and support continuous scanning and command control and other working modes.

Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the barcode industry for over 22 years. It has developed a variety of fixed scanning scanner, which are suitable for the use of labels on this production line. RK65 scanner adopts the self-developed core decoding technology, which can quickly read all kinds of one-dimensional, two-dimensional and various film code words, and the sensor on this device can automatically adjust the brightness of the fill light according to the intensity of the light reflected from the barcode. The device comes with an I/O control box that supports USB, RS232 or Ethernet output. The scanner and external sensors, alarm lights, industrial computers, etc. form a complete automatic identification system.

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