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Industrial Scanner In Conveyor for Automation
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-08-10 | Views:401

What are the advantages of fixed code reader automation in realizing industrial automation? For example, warehouse automation can speed up the processing speed, improve accuracy, reduce labor costs, improve reliability, and achieve a more effective use of warehouse area and space.

Many enterprises also use fixed code reader automation reasons to reduce manual fatigue, check cargo damage, strengthen the company image, reduce the dependence on manual operation, especially when the manual has ask for leave. It can be seen that automation brings about a higher level of operation. Generally speaking, the operation level of the warehouse is from low to high score to four levels: simple manual operation-such as freight container shelf, picking by order, etc.; machine assisted operation-lift-assisted freight container transportation; simple automated operation-such as using automatic crane and simple conveying system in the warehouse; complex automated operation-including fixed code reader indicator lamp auxiliary picking system, fixed code reader conveying system, high-speed sorting system, etc. As the size of the items varies, the information of the barcode varies, and the cargo volume increases, the scanning speed and reading success rate of our fixed code readers will also increase with them.

In the four levels of warehouse automation, we will find that the logistics warehouse of large and medium-sized enterprises will choose a fixed code reader automation operation. Considering the rate of return generated by the early input of work efficiency, the number of operators can be reduced, the labor costs are reduced, and in the fixed code reader operation, the operator can also be responsible for the maintenance of the machine.

RAKINDA LV3000H includes automatic exposure control, the sensor on the device can automatically adjust the brightness according to the strength of the light reflected back by the bar code, can read the high precision bar code, read the high password has advantages, large working temperature, can work normally at extreme temperature.

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