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Bus QR code scanning code ride plan-make bus mobile payment simple
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-08-26 | Views:488

As the most core and important application in the field of public transportation, the bus QR code payment is favored by the national citizens with its characteristics of convenience, safety and wisdom. In the era of mobile payment, mobile phones are not only a "bank card", but also an unimpeded "bus card", which solves the embarrassment that tens of thousands of citizens forget their wallets and traffic cards every day. To this end, in the outbreak of bus scanning code payment during this period of time, the transportation department issued a bus two-dimensional code unified payment standard, Shenzhen Rakinda according to this standard launched the bus two-dimensional code scanning code ride scheme, according to this standard can achieve the national bus interconnection oh!

From a thorough understanding, Rakinda's bus scanning code ride scheme, Integrating QR code identification technology and mobile Internet and other technological means, In terms of hardware, we use the bus QR code card swiping equipment, Embedded RD4300 series QR code scanning reader, Use its barcode automatic recognition and data transmission performance to fully expand the Alipay and wechat payment interface; In terms of software docking bus Alipay, wechat payment interface, While retaining the original brush bus card and other ways, Build a "Internet +" bus mobile payment system, Not limited to a certain area, As long as Alipay or wechat payment QR code, you can swipe the mobile phone across the country.