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Intelligent parking space guidance system solution
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-10-07 | Views:556
The city intelligent parking management system is developed to solve the problem of difficult urban parking, mainly including parking space guidance system, reverse car finding system, long distance Bluetooth control system, single channel traffic light controller, license plate recognition camera and other equipment, is the result of science and technology development to a certain stage, is now widely used in urban communities, factory gates, high-end office buildings and some commercial buildings and other places, car owners do not need to be due to parking Waiting for a long time, but also improve the efficiency of parking management.

Intelligent parking space guidance system program
1. Pure offline operation capability
The parking space guidance system integrates the functions of data collection, information calculation and remaining space display of the guidance unit through the new system architecture, with highly intelligent features, and the information display does not need to be controlled by computer and other control units, effectively avoiding the data loss caused by too many parts, making the system more convenient and stable networking. This paper mainly introduces a new intelligent parking management system based on the combination of microcontroller technology and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. At the same time the design idea makes the management center no longer involved in the specific business implementation, the system can realize pure offline operation.
2) A fault alarm isolation device design scheme is proposed.
Thanks to the new system architecture, the parking guidance system has a fault isolation mechanism. That is, when any equipment in the system has a problem, only affects itself and does not affect other equipment, other equipment can work normally, while the system management center issued an alarm signal to facilitate the rapid location of faulty equipment and repair. In the process of vehicle driving, after the sensor detects the road condition information, the controller automatically calculates the best route according to the road condition data and issues instructions, thus realizing intelligent scheduling and control. This utility model greatly strengthens the reliability and stability of the whole system.
3. Power carrier communication
Ultrasonic detector can use a new power carrier communication method - using the existing power line to transmit data at high speed without the need for a separate network, just one wire can transmit data. Remote control and monitoring functions are also possible. This paper introduces the design scheme and application effect of distributed intelligent monitoring system based on new wireless technology. It greatly simplifies field wiring, reduces cost and speeds up deployment.

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