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Industrial Barcode Reading Solution
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-01-05 | Views:552
With the wide application of big data, barcode labels as an automatic identification technology are widely used in major production enterprises. In the process of printing large quantities of barcode serial numbers, barcode duplicate numbers, building Errors, etc. In this case, the barcode label needs to be checked.

Due to different applications, some companies need to read two barcodes at the same time, or even multiple barcodes, when performing barcode recognition and detection. In this case, it is recommended to use automatic barcode reading if conditions permit. Way. Using a fixed barcode scanner, the collector can control the production line to stop when the system alarms. Reduce manual interference and improve work efficiency.

The choice of fixed scanners can be industrial-grade. Industrial barcode readers have a large field of vision and can read multiple barcodes. Whether it is multiple two-dimensional codes or barcode two-dimensional code mixed recognition, they can be easily recognized. When identifying multiple barcodes, the barcode data can be output in order, and other software can directly obtain the desired barcode data. When identifying multiple barcodes, the specified barcode data can be obtained, and the recognized barcode type can be output, and the barcode position can be marked. Unrecognized barcodes No marking, wrong barcode detection, can identify the barcode tilt angle, if the label is crooked, you can use this function to alarm.

The barcode check and detection system is a set used to judge whether the printed barcode is correct, and whether there are repeated codes, missing codes, wrong codes, skipping codes, exceeding the range, etc. The system can automatically detect barcodes in combination with production lines and fixed barcode readers, which can automate the production line, reduce human involvement, and greatly improve work efficiency and product quality. It is generally used for barcode detection on production lines, and can print large quantities of barcodes, barcode label printing companies, trademark printing factories, etc. The system will judge by the barcode read by the fixed barcode reader, and detect whether there are repeated codes, missing codes or missing codes, so as to ensure the barcode of the product after leaving the factory. The collected data is stored in the same server, and multiple assembly lines work at the same time to ensure that the data is not repeated, and can store hundreds of millions of barcode information. Data can be queried according to time, and data can be exported at the same time. It also has a language prompt function.

One host can connect multiple industrial code readers at the same time, and can perform detection at the same time. At the same time, it also has the identification function. When the scanner reads a barcode that is not within the range, the system will mark the barcode. When the scanner scans a duplicate number, the system will repeat the barcode directly online and give a voice and text alarm at the same time. When there is a missing code, the system will judge whether the barcode is continuous according to the set barcode range. If there is a missing code, it will automatically write the missing barcode into the missing code display box.

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