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Barcode scanning module LV30 is widely used in PDA, tablet, medical equipment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-02-13 | Views:536

The scanning module is a core identification component widely used in the field of automatic identification. It is one of the key components for the secondary development of barcode scanners. It has complete and independent barcode scanning and decoding functions, and can be written into various industries application function program as required. It has small size and high integration, and can be easily embedded in mobile phones, tablet computers, printers, assembly line equipment, medical equipment, and other equipment in various industries.

The function of the scanning module is to scan the one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code, and upload the scan result to the host, and the host will issue the next instruction according to the scanned data. It is generally embedded in various devices, so its form varies according to the usage scenario. For example, the scanning module used in the production line that requires high scanning accuracy, fast scanning speed, easy installation, compatibility with a variety of systems, secondary development, and scanning of various materials, such as wood, stone, PCB board, various metal bearings, etc., and the barcode is no longer a simple code printed by a printer, but various types of laser engraving codes and laser inkjet codes.

Shenzhen Rakinda has LV30 embedded QR code scanning module, which applies chip-based intelligent image recognition technology to create a new era of image-based 2-bar code reading engine.

LV30 can read all kinds of mainstream 1D barcodes and standard 2D barcodes. It adopts an integrated design and can integrate image acquisition, lighting aiming and decoder in a small size, that is, small and light, with strong performance. It is very suitable for use in products embedded in various industries, such as data collectors, meter reading equipment, ticket gates, PDAs, medical devices and more.

Shenzhen RAKINDA focuses on QR code related technology and hardware R&D and manufacturing. It not only provides better and more cost-effective QR code scanner modules for major domestic enterprises, but also provides barcode technology services for partners, Two-dimensional code payment and excellent two-dimensional bar code recognition solutions give customers a competitive advantage. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us! We will provide you with various embedded scanning module sample tests, QR code scanning module OEM application solutions and professional technical services to meet your development and deployment.
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