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Barcode selection of self-service terminal equipment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-02-22 | Views:553
Compared with the barcode scanning terminal, you may be more familiar with the handheld barcode scanning gun. What exactly is the barcode scanning terminal? The barcode scanning terminal is also called the barcode scanning module. It is the core identification component widely used in the field of automatic identification. Many customers are still very unfamiliar with the barcode scanning terminal. Everyone wants to know what the scanning head is?

In fact, the barcode scanning terminal is a non-standard statement in the barcode scanning industry. It may be the handheld portable devices such as handheld PDAs, scanner guns, and smart pos machines that we usually come into contact with. The core of data collection is completed by scanning barcodes. Barcode acquisition accessories - data acquisition barcode scanning dock, that is, QR code embedded scanning head, also called 2D barcode scanning module. There is also a fixed scanner on the factory production line, but its volume and size are relatively small, so some people call it a scanning head. Since the application of barcode scanning terminals involves different industries and application scenarios, their selection must be different. So how do we choose the right barcode scanner head?

1: Bar code selection of self-service terminal equipment:
The scanning head is divided into two types: one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code. If it is used in self-service terminal equipment such as smart express cabinets and vending machines, the candidate type needs to be able to recognize the two-dimensional code scanning terminal. Usually, such terminal equipment is used to identify the QR code of mobile phones, which requires the scanning terminal to have a high performance of identifying the QR code on the screen, and considering that it is embedded in the self-service terminal equipment, the barcode scanning also needs a modular design. Therefore, Shenzhen Rakinda recommends RD4300 and RD4500 2d code scanning heads, which are very suitable for embedding in the above-mentioned devices for application.

2: Selection of industrial automation
In industrial production, the barcode scanning terminal is used as a barcode scanning device on the assembly line. It can provide stable and reliable data for scanning product barcodes online. It is more of a fixed scanning head, which is generally hung on a robotic arm for use. It can be used to scan the QR code of the product, or fix it on the side of the assembly line. The type and width of barcode (such as barcode system, number of digits, density, etc.), the direction and position of barcode pasting and the scanning light are parallel or vertical, the speed of the assembly line, and the scanning distance (the distance between the barcode and the scanner) will affect the The performance of the barcode scanning module on the assembly line. For industrial scanning docks, we generally recommend the LV3000H scanning head, which measures only 41.2(W) x 49.2(D) x 24.15(H).

In short, when purchasing barcode scanning terminals, we must consider the actual application of our own industry environment. Different types of scanning heads can meet different application scenarios.

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