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Industrial Fixed Scanning Solution to Help Enterprises Realize Industrial Automation
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-03-20 | Views:178
With the rapid development of industrial automation and the arrival of the wave of intelligent manufacturing, more and more attention has been paid to the manufacturing process tracking, production management and statistical records in the production process. The traditional production line manually records the information of each process product and then uniformly enters it into the computer form. This method can no longer meet the needs of efficient and accurate production management. Industrial-grade fixed barcode scanning solutions emerged as the times require, making the collection and management of production data easier, more automated and more precise, and greatly improving production efficiency.

Overview of industrial-grade fixed code scanning solutions
The industrial-grade fixed code scanning solution is a complete set of solutions consisting of industrial-grade fixed code readers, industrial code scanning software and related equipment systems. The fixed-type barcode reader adopts the industrial-grade core decoding algorithm, has high-speed, high-precision, and high-efficiency scanning functions, and is widely used in fixed-position barcode reading on the assembly line. Whether your application requires pattern-based, single-sided, omni-directional or line-scan barcode reading capabilities, these industrial barcode scanners can meet your requirements. At the same time, the industrial code scanning software can be seamlessly connected with the equipment system to realize the automatic collection, processing and management of production data, provide accurate and real-time data support, greatly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, and also ensure the quality of products the quality of.

Several benefits of introducing industrial-grade fixed code scanning solutions

1. Save costs and improve production efficiency
Compared with traditional manual recording or barcode scanning, the introduction of industrial-grade fixed scanning solutions can save a lot of manpower and time costs, and improve production efficiency and accuracy. For example, on the production line of a large factory, a fixed industrial barcode reader can automatically scan the barcode and transmit the information to the computer, quickly recording the information and status of each product. Not only does it operate automatically without manual control and intervention, saving manpower, but also the barcode read by the barcode reader can achieve a nearly zero error rate, avoiding human error.

2. Guarantee product quality
Utilizing the industrial-grade fixed code scanning solution, the quality tracking and traceability management of each product can be realized. At the same time, the industrial-grade fixed code reader can record key information such as the production site, production date, team production line, batch number and serial number of the products on the production line, and quickly find unqualified products and Timely exclusion to ensure product quality.

3. Realize refined management
Through the industrial-grade fixed code scanning solution, it is possible to achieve detailed records of various production indicators, such as the status of parts used in the entire production and assembly process, team production efficiency, production inventory management, etc., providing managers with refined basis for decision-making. Through statistical data, you can quickly discover the bottlenecks that affect production efficiency in the production process, and take corresponding measures to optimize and improve production efficiency.

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