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How to Choose the Embedded QR Code Scanner with Self-service Ordering Machine?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-06-04 | Views:524

With the development of barcode technology, OEM scanning modules, such as barcode recognition engine, 2D code recognition module and QR code scanner, which can be embedded in some self-service equipment, are also deeply concerned and recognized by self-service ordering machine manufacturers, especially in smart catering industry, which is widely used for mobile phone 2D code scanning (payment code) and other convenient payment applications. On the one hand, it is affected by the huge mobile payment user group in China. On the other hand, it can provide fixed embedded scanning solutions for self-service devices by setting automatic sensing or command triggered embedded QR code scanners. It is not only safe and convenient to read the payment code, but also invisible to promote user consumption, it makes many self-service ordering machine manufacturers will consider using QR code scanner module (hardware chip level decoding) to upgrade the self-service terminal.

With the help of embedded 2D code recognition module, it can easily integrate Alipay and WeChat payment functions, combine small ticket printing, self-service ordering and inquiry services. Even during the peak period or holidays, sweeping order can easily avoid the poor user experience due to the long queuing time. Customers only need to choose the set meal match in the meal selection interface of the self-service ordering machine, and choose the meal pick-up time, then put the payment code in the scanning window to brush, and use the automatic sensing QR code scanner payment function to complete the order in a few seconds. Alipay or WeChat pay is applied to self-service equipment, does it make ordering and payment process more convenient and intimate?

It is worth mentioning that at present, most of the self-service ordering machines on the market are built-in QRl code scanners of relatively poor quality, with very low sensitivity. They can't read the QR code of mobile phones normally in the environment of screen reflection, color film, backlight or dark light, and the price of good scanning performance is too high. So many readers ask, which QR code scanner module embedded in self-service machine has the best cost performance? While ensuring the scanning performance, what about the moderate price? As an Internet of things high-tech enterprise with automatic identification technology as the core, Shenzhen Rakinda provides various OEM embedded QR code scanner module (RD4500 Series) application solutions for self-service terminal manufacturers, helping self-service ordering machine manufacturers innovate.

RD4500 series of QR code scanners adopt the self-developed intelligent core decoding technology, and the scanning characteristics can be described as fast, accurate, beautiful, and exquisite appearance design. They can scan the code very quickly. Moreover, they especially optimize the distance, angle and fill light effect of the mobile phone screen code, and can easily read the  screen code with different contrast, color and reflection degree.

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