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How to Select Industrial Barcode Scanner for Assembly Line Automatic Sorting?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-06-22 | Views:624
In the automatic sorting technology of the production line, most companies use barcode as a way of product identification and traceability. However, it is inevitable that there will be problems such as printing errors, missing barcodes, and repeated codes during printing or manual labeling. Manual sorting is bound to have defects such as high work intensity, low efficiency, high cost, and high error rate. Due to the urgency of Industry 4.0 for modern enterprises to improve production efficiency, industrial barcode scanner has to be used instead of manpower to solve the problem of self-service barcode detection on conveyor belts and assembly lines, and realize production line automation.

Generally speaking, automatic barcode scanning on production line is different from static barcode scanning, which is similar to industrial vision scanning technology. Most assembly lines must use industrial fixed mount barcode scanner, which not only support large-scale, multi-angle scanning, but also support batch and highly sensitive reading. So, what are the requirements for the selection of industrial barcode scanners for the automatic sorting of barcode scanning on the production line? As a barcode scanning application solution provider, RAKINDA, based on more than 20 years of experience in the barcode industry, has made the following important analyses on industrial barcode scanning equipment:

1.Make a reasonable choice for the depth of field of the industrial scanner considering the barcode symbology, number of digits and density printed on the medium;
2.Consider the speed of the assembly line. If the speed is faster and ordinary scanners cannot meet the requirements, better using industrial vision scanner;
3.Whether the direction and position of barcode scanning are parallel to the scanning light;
4.The distance between the barcode scanner and the barcode;

5.Sensors and alarm devices, etc.

RAKINDA's automated assembly line sorting solution uses LV3000H, LV3000U Plus industrial fixed barcode readers to ensure zero errors. The products are classified and sorted out of different types of products.  LV3000H is high-speed and accurate reading of codes in batches with good performance. It makes full use of sensors and alarm devices to quickly read different states of the barcode and send information to it, thereby verifying the correctness of the barcode, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development and application of barcode equipment and barcode automatic identification technology, covering industrial barcode scanner, embedded barcode scanner module, QR code payment scanner, and automatic barcodes scan solutions, etc.

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