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Access Control All-in-one Open a New Era of QR code Access Control Applications
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-06-29 | Views:551
At present, many high-end communities, office buildings, administrative halls and other places that require access control and access control will prefer QR code access control to improve the security prevention capabilities of each entry and exit place. The purpose is to make security management more convenient, reduce management costs, and at the same time Bring better use advantages. The application relies on mobile Internet technology and QR code automatic identification technology. Just pick up the "QR code pass" applied for by your mobile phone, aim at the scanning window of the access control machine and swipe the QR code, and the community can be realized after the scan is successful. From the door to the building access control, and then to the user's door to pass the customs.

In fact, the use of QR access contro system breaks the limitations of traditional access control verification, such as inconvenience to carry, security risks of being cracked, instant control of door opening permissions, troubles of forgetting and losing cards, etc., through advanced QR code scanning technology The verification method compares the authority of the personnel, which improves the efficiency of personnel entry and exit and the safety of verification in places such as passages, doorways, etc., especially for the safety management of communities, office buildings, etc. It has a good effect and shows noble wisdom. Experience, while meeting the needs of convenient access, eliminating the need for a series of cumbersome procedures for inquiries, registration and identity confirmation of visitors.

 The introduction of two-dimensional code access control can be described as a real manifestation of the advantages of safety management. The entry and exit of all personnel entering and exiting will be accurately recorded. While the safety level is improved in all aspects, the convenience has also been correspondingly improved. Users only need to scan the code with their mobile phone to open the door. They do not need to carry the access card when going out and going home. It is more intelligent and user-friendly. When there are guests visiting, there is no need to run downstairs to open the door and apply directly with the mobile phone (dynamic) II The QR code pass is authorized by the owner and the QR code is sent to the guest for verification to open the door by itself, saving manpower and material resources.

For the application of door access control system, RAKINDA specially launched the QR code access control all-in-one machine RD008, which is a combination of single door network access control + QR code scanning head + IC card reader three in one. Dimension code scanning access control products adopt sleek industrial design standards in appearance, which are simple, practical and beautiful. The RD008 access control all-in-one machine adopts the core decoding technology independently researched and developed. It has made a special technical verification for the QR code recognition on the mobile phone screen, and easily recognizes the QR code for opening the door; the device has fast scanning speed, high security, high recognition rate, and compatibility. Strong and low failure rate, it can be widely used in various occasions such as office buildings, community entrances, property communities, and administrative halls that require access control. It makes on-site installation and maintenance simple and cost-effective.

  The functional characteristics of RD008 access control integrated machine:
1. A three-in-one product with single door network access control + QR code scanner + IC card reader. Make on-site installation and maintenance simpler and lower cost.
2. It can be expanded to install a WIFI module, which enables the QR code to be transmitted over the wireless network via WIFI. The WIFI module supports AP and STA dual modes.
The product uses data memory and ferroelectric memory, even if the device suddenly loses power, the stored data will not be lost, ensuring data safety and reliability.
4. Embedded multi-task real-time operating system, the system can be fully started in 3 seconds.
With the continuous development of technology and the popularization of smart phones, QR code access control applications will be fully promoted, and the RD008 access control integrated machine will become more and more popular with people with its low-cost, intelligent, and efficient management mode.

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