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The Difference Between the QR Code Scanner Module And The Industrial Fixed Scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-07-12 | Views:675

In order to save labor costs and improve efficiency, self-service identification product technology solutions are widely used in various industries, used to accurately scan 1D or 2D code and read the information contained in the bar code, such as embedded in various terminal applications, production line automation and assembly line detection and scanning barcode... This requires the use of a highly integrated QR code scanning module or industrial fixed scanner for scanning identification, both of which have excellent reading performance, belong to automatic identification products, rich application scenarios, but they also have a relatively obvious difference, compared with the following two mainstream product diagram is easy to distinguish.

Embedded RD4500R QR Code Scanning Module
The highly integrated QR code scanning module is a reading module embedded in some devices, with independent bar code scanning and decoding functions. It generally supports secondary development (provide USB port, TTL-232 or RS-232 serial port) and automatic sense scanning capability, can scan paper, thin film 1D and 2D barcodes, can also scan mobile phone, tablet and other screens 1D and 2D  barcodes. In standby mode, when the scanned object is near the scanning window, the device will start instantly and carry out fast reading; Embedded design, specially designed for all kinds of self-service equipment tailored, widely used in electronic commerce, electronic ticket, transportation, medical health, entrance guard, e-government and other fields, easy to use simple, strong identification, near the scanner is induction lamp, no matter day or night, so long as has the qr code, can quickly read.

LV3000U Plus Industrial Stationary Scanner for Industrial Line Scanning
 Industrial fixed scanner is an installed in a fixed position, belongs to the fixed industrial bar code reader, industrial protection level and high movement tolerance, can adapt to the harsh working environment. It needs through the USB or RS232 cable to scan the barcode information transmission to the corresponding equipment or system, it is mainly used for barcode scanning, conveyor belt, high speed production line to product testing packing line, logistics express sorting and traces the product bar code applications, such as for electronics, auto parts, metal manufacturing industries such as industrial production line with the most efficient, automatic data collection information, Belongs to the automation product, the income that brings is big.

Through the introduction above, do you have a deeper understanding of the difference between the QR code scanning module and the industrial stationary scanner? Shenzhen Rakinda has successfully applied bar code technology in many industries, especially embedded barcode recognition technology and industrial production field. We can offer for various scenarios of stationary scanners, embedded qr code barcode scanners, barcode scanners, barcode scanning module,2d scanning module, qr code identification module, qr code scanning module, qr code scanner, barcode scanners, industry stationary scanners, etc series products and self-help Identify product technical solutions. The price advantage is obvious based on our 21 years of industry experience precipitation.

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