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What Factors when Purchasing Face Recognition and Temperature Measurement Devices?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-07-21 | Views:548
Before the global epidemic is over, the market demand for facial biometric thermometer is still heating up. For example, there is still a strong demand for it in some schools, enterprises, stations, government halls or medical care facilities and other places with fixed population flows. The main reason is due to its convenient use, simple deployment, non-contact and other characteristics. For the face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine, it has become an intelligent emergency prevention and control product all over our society and life. Even after the epidemic, it can still be used for intelligent applications such as access control and attendance. So what factors should we consider when purchasing a face recognition temperature reader? Next, RAKINDA will sort out the following points for you:

1.Accurate temperature measurement, less affected by the external environment: 
An excellent face recognition thermometer must have the characteristics of accurate temperature measurement firstly and be able to screen out persons with abnormal body temperature in time. Of course, since it uses infrared thermal imaging + face recognition technology, it does not exist without being affected by the external environment. It will be affected more or less by sunlight, rain, wind or high temperature environment, but we can use indoor or Set up rainproof and sun-proof facilities such as canopy outdoors, try to minimize external influence factors, and the error value is ≤±0.3 degrees Celsius.

2.Fast recognition speed and stable function:
A practical face recognition thermometer terminal must ensure a high recognition rate while ensuring fast recognition speed, especially in some places where the passenger flow is large or need to be guarded 24 hours a day. The infrared face recognition thermometer terminal don’t need manual Temperature measurement,  can achieve automatic temperature measurement and identification functions, avoiding the risk of contactless infection.

3.Simple deployment, strong scalability, and wide application areas:
Due to the different places of use, the functional requirements of the face infrared temperature measurement all-in-one machine are also different. If it is deployed in a corporate site, it generally only needs to have simple facial temperature measurement and attendance functions; when it is deployed in stations, factories, parks, and medical care facilities, it generally only needs to have facial recognition temperature measurement and  face access control function enough; deployment of it in high-risk areas not only requires face temperature measurement, access control attendance, but also health code status recognition, identity verification, and disinfection automatic induction spray functions. Therefore, a complete set of face recognition temperature measurement system solutions is best to choose wall-mounted models, column models or turnstiles to install and use. The response speed is fast, the face library capacity is large, and it supports mask recognition, identity verification, and "health code”, with Identifying access control, intelligent voice reminder, intelligent color change status reminder and uploading temperature measurement records and other functions. People entering and leaving only need to meet "normal temperature" and "pass identification verification" (or "health code green code") to pass, reducing epidemic prevention Control the workload of personnel and improve inspection and traffic efficiency.

4. Green energy saving, low power consumption:
Nowadays, an energy-saving society is being promoted. From this aspect, the intelligent face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine should reduce energy consumption and electromagnetic radiation, and carry out low-power design. While optimizing the software design, it also allows customers to buy with peace of mind and quality can be assured.

In summary, the application of intelligent infrared face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machines is indispensable to some places where fixed crowds such as enterprises or campuses flow, and can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of anti-epidemic. Even after the epidemic, these face recognition, temperature measurement and access control all-in-one machines can temporarily disable the infrared temperature measurement function, and only open non-contact access control, time and attendance and other intelligent applications. It is a very practical function, which can greatly reduce the cost of replacing equipment in emergency periods.

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