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2D Barcode Scan Engine Brings Excellent Payment Experience for Vending Machine
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-07-27 | Views:177
With the development of the mobile Internet, mobile phone 2D barcodes are becoming more and more active in various industries, promoting the development of automatic identification and informatization of the global Internet of Things. In many barcode payment application scenarios, it has become a fashion that shoppers to show their Wechat or Alipay QR payment Code instead of scanning QR code of stores for payment, which provides new ideas for the innovation of the self-service vending machine industry. The extension of the O2O service is completed by integrating the QR code scanning module (hardware decoding).

The QR code scanning module is a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-integrate embedded QR code scan engine. It can be embedded in a self-service vending machine to form a "QR code scanning area" for identifying payment codes. It is called scan code payment module, QR payment scanner module, QR code reader module, etc. Embedding and integrating it into various self-service equipment can utilize the built-in scanning head and the 2D decoding chip to maximize the application value and improve the user experience and process. The customer only needs to show the mobile payment code and swipe it at the scanning window during the payment process, and the scanning module automatically senses and reads the barcode information on the mobile phone screen to achieve the self-service collection function.

The integration of the QR code payment function into the self-service vending terminal has indeed brought convenience to the digital operation of merchants and convenient customer experience. Therefore, many OEM self-service equipment manufacturers will use a QR code scanning module with excellent screen bar code scanning, combining its precise bar code scanning and data transmission performance to realize mobile payment. It is worth mentioning that there are many self-service terminals on the market that rely on barcode technology, but the quality of the scanning modules used is uneven. Some of the embedded barcode scanner modules of self-service terminals are difficult to read mobile screen barcodes, which makes it impossible for users to proceed payment.

According to analysis by industry insiders, it is difficult for self-service terminals to read mobile phone QR codes, mainly because the device is embedded with inferior barcode scanning modules, which have low sensitivity and can not read on the mobile phone screen when the screen is with low brightness. In response to this situation, Shenzhen RAKINDA has launched the RD4500 QR code scanner module specifically for self-service terminals. In terms of performance, Rakinda LV4500 has excellent decoding performance. It can not only scan paper barcodes, but also scan barcodes on electronic screens such as mobile phones and iPads; the while LED light is very soft and eye-protective. The perfect command control function enables the host to accurately control the operation of the equipment, and the entire system is integrated. In addition, this product also has a large window design, which can easily recognize larger barcodes. It is a reliable barcode scanner module choice for domestic and foreign self-service terminal manufacturers.

Shenzhen Rakinda (www.rakinda.com) Technology was established in 2000, adhering to the vision and mission of "becoming the leader of the global Internet of Things application solution provider". it is also a company that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, a global IoT technology application solution provider, mastering the core technology of 2D barcode modules, especially the research and development of embedded barcode recognition technology. At present, the company has established a complete ISO9001 international quality certification system, and its main products comply with the lead-free environmental protection standard (RoHS), and have passed the national 3C certification, European CE certification, American FCC certification, etc., and enjoy a good reputation in the bar code automatic identification industry. In the past 20 years, RAKINDA has always been leading the development direction of the barcode automatic recognition industry and 2d image-based barcode scanning module field. At the same time, Shenzhen Rakinda has also been strengthening its investment in QR code scanning module product solutions, and has reached friendly cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign access control security integration manufacturers, handheld equipment and self-service equipment manufacturers, and its barcode scanner module, has become the first choice of many OEM manufacturers and end users.

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