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QR Code Scanning Module Embedded in Airport Security Gate
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-08-20 | Views:162
The QR code scanner module is embedded into the airport security gate, which can also brush the QR code of mobile phone to board just like the subway gate in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and other cities. This "paperless", environmental protection and convenient boarding way are more and more popular with airport passengers. As we all know, with the rapid growth of domestic economic level, people's living standards have gradually improved, and the number of airport passengers is rising every year. Due to the backward way and management level of the original paper boarding pass, the situation of gate congestion is not uncommon, especially in holidays.

It is imperative to use the QR code scanner module to transform the airport gate

Through the use of QR code scanner module embedded in the gate, give full play to its 2D code acquisition, decoding and data transmission performance, and connect with the 2D code electronic ticketing system through USB port or RS232 serial port, it only takes a few seconds for the ticket boarding code scanning verification to pass the gate, which not only simplifies the complex boarding process, but also speeds up the flow of airport passengers and saves passengers precious time. This is also the technology trend of 2D code recognition technology based on the Internet of things big data era. The passenger's personal information is saved and matched in the form of 2D code, and the corresponding authority is obtained by decoding the 2D code scanner, which not only avoids the mistakes of manual ticket checking and management, but also realizes intelligent, green and convenient travel way.

Product recommendation:
RD4500R QR code scanner module is a mobile phone 2d code scanner specially customized for OEM of airport intelligent gate manufacturers by Shenzhen Rakinda. It can read all kinds of paper documents and mobile phone screen 1D/2D barcode. It can easily integrate "code scanning and ticket checking" into airport security gate and provide strong code scanning, which can meet the needs of large flow of people,undoubtedly improves the experience and stickiness of passengers. RD4500R scanner module adopts the international leading CMOS image type intelligent graphics decoding technology, with scanning frequency up to 300 times / s, strong decoding ability (four large-scale automatic induction lighting white lights), which can be used for secondary development. Especially for the mobile phone screen code information, it has good reading performance. It can easily read the barcode information in the environment of dark screen, color film, strong light and weak light on the mobile phone screen. It is the most reliable barcode recognition module choice for domestic or abroad gate manufacturers, to speed up the circulation of the check-in gate when improving the passenger experience!

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