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QR Code Scanner Can Assist the Implementation of Smart Medical "e-health Card" QR Code Project
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-09-22 | Views:98
From solving the medical blocking point to creating convenient and beneficial services, from pursuing the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment to optimizing the experience of treatment, the wave of smart medical based on the innovation of information technology such as Internet of things and big data is unfolding all over the world. In the spiral development of medical and health fields and innovative technologies, China is moving from a "big medical country" to a "powerful medical country" and gradually reaching the future of smart medical.

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the gradual implementation of the 14th five year plan, focusing on smart medical reform will become the key direction of the future social development. Among them, the electronic health card (code), as a virtual card integrating Internet plus medical health + finance, can provide greater impetus for deepening medical reform and improving medical services. It is an important reform measure to implement the digital transformation of provincial and provincial governments, and solves the problem of Cross medical service across the medical institutions. Facilitate the public access to medical care and health management.

In form, the electronic health card (code) adopts the national standard QR code technology and national secret algorithm. It is a medical and health service card and electronic health card designed by the National Health Commission and presented in the form of QR code. From this point, it is not difficult to find that the improvement of medical service quality, in addition to Internet technology and information technology, is still difficult to break away from the mature and widely used QR code technology in the final analysis. It can be predicted that the implementation and application deployment of smart medical "e-health card" QR code project will inevitably promote the upgrading and innovation of various medical self-service terminal equipment. With the help of embedded QR code scanning module as the front-end equipment of information collection, the integrated application of "card code integration" such as medical insurance electronic voucher and e-health card (code) will be completed to provide patients with guidance, diagnosis and treatment After registration, payment, information inquiry, inspection report printing and other services, you can "scan the code for medical treatment" in various hospitals without carrying physical medical card, citizen card, social security card, etc.

Shenzhen Rakinda RD4500 2D code scanner, QR code recognition module, special scanning module for self-service equipment (supporting secondary development and technical support). It adopts self-developed core decoding technology, which can quickly identify all kinds of 1D code and 2D code, such as common QR code, DataMatrix, PDF417, etc., and its recognition performance has reached the international advanced level. It is especially aimed at the current mainstream mobile phone screen code reading. As a special optimization in light, it can easily read the mobile phone screen code information in the environment of color film, dark screen, strong light and weak light; In addition, it also has IP54 industrial grade dust-proof and waterproof function, even in the dark and complex environment for a long time, it can still maintain excellent reading performance, and comprehensively improve the bar code reading ability of all kinds of medical self-service terminal equipment.

In the field of Internet of Things technology application, Shenzhen Rakinda, as a professional supplier of 2D code scanning module / face recognition terminal and technical services, has more than 21 years of industry experience, rich and solid product technology and wide application, which can assist the wide implementation of the 2D code project of intelligent medical "resident electronic health card".

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