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How to Select Built-in 2D Scanner Module for Self-service Terminals?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-10-26 | Views:102
Whether it is big size terminal equipments such as vending machines, barrier gates, access control machines, express cabinets, self-service payment equipment, cinema ticket machines, or miniature and compact handheld terminal equipment(PDA), the upper end is equipped with the module that recognizes the barcode or 2D code. We call it 2D scanning module, 2D code embedded scan engine, 2Dl barcode scanning module, etc.

In fact, the key to efficient barcode scanning of terminal equipment is to form a scanning window through the built-in 2d barcode scanner module to support automatic sensing and reading of barcodes. Even in the environment where the mobile phone screen is reflective, color film, backlight or darker light, it can ead the QR code of the mobile phone normally. The barcode scanner can emit an infrared light source, use the chip to decode it according to the reflection result, and then use the chip-level hard encryption method to automatically recognize the QR code and transmit the data to the system for operation. For example, the payment induction area on vending machines, cash registers, etc. commonly seen in our lives can automatically sense the payment code (mobile phone QR code), and the barrier gate can cooperate with the access control terminal to easily respond to mobile phone QR code reading and information recognition, etc., these applications require the application of 2D scanner engine.

The QR code scanning head can be designed with different appearance sizes, scanning working modes (sensing mode, continuous mode, manual mode), reading resolution, scanning distance, scanning area, reading depth of field, installation method and interface method according to requirements. So how to select the built-in 2D scanning modules for this type of terminal equipments?

1.Mini Barcode Scanning Module LV30/LV2097 series: specially developed and produced for handheld device or space-constrained applications.

2.RD4500 series 2D scanner: designed for self-service cabinets, access control gates, payment terminals and other applications.

3.RD4300/RD4300pro 2D scanning module: designed for medical self-service terminals, self-service payment equipment, self-service inquiry machines, book barcode recognition terminals, garbage classification intelligent processing equipment and other applications.

4.Barcode reading engine LV5300 series: It is specially developed and produced for applications such as face recognition terminals and door lock devices.

5.2D scanner LV4900/LV4700Pro series: designed for toll station transportation, parking solution and other fields of application which requires long distance barcode reading.

2D scanning modules applicable to different industries may be different. Some may only need to scan 1D codes, some are for scanning 2D barcodes on mobile phone screens, and some are for scanning paper barcodes. So users should try to make a reasonable purchase according to the actual situation of the project. RAKINDA specializes in providing different kinds of 1D/2D scanning modules, barcode reading modules, barcode scan engine. Regardless of the application, it can meet your needs. With big price advantage, and 21 years of industry experience precipitation, we welcome customers all over the world.

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