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Barcode Scanner for Access Control by Mobile Phone QR Code
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-11-08 | Views:78

Benefiting from the development of barcode and QR code technology, the access control industry has entered the fast lane of development. The iteration of technology enables access control equipment manufacturers to realize better embedded and integrated code scanning applications through QR code scanning module embedded barcode recognition, and link more functions to form a safe and convenient access control experience. With the further expansion of application requirements, the access control industry has put forward higher requirements for the decoding induction speed, performance and reading accuracy of the two-dimensional code module, and the embedded RD4500R 2D code scanning modulefor efficient code reading has become The first choice for many access control companies.

In recent years, Shenzhen RAKINDA has maintained a good cooperative relationship with many well-known domestic access control companies, relying on the independently developed RD4500 series QR code scanners to provide access control manufacturers with high-efficiency blessings, reduce costs, and optimize customers Experience.

The access control industry needs to read all kinds of mainstream one-dimensional barcodes and standard two-dimensional barcodes, especially the reading of mobile phone screen codes. The application scenarios are mostly self-service gates, ticket gates, and smart access control. Because products are mostly used outdoors or semi-outdoors, the embedded barcode recognition module is required to be able to read codes normally under strong light or low light. For this reason, RAKINDA recommends the embedded RD4500 series to customers in the access control industry. The QR code scanning module, combined with its excellent decoding ability, solves the problems that have plagued customers for a long time.

RD4500R is a barcode reading device that can provide embedded scanning solutions for various access control terminals, that is, a QR code scanning head, a QR code recognition module, and an embedded QR code scanner. It is understood that the scanning module independently develops core decoding technology, has fast barcode reading performance and two-dimensional decoding capabilities to ensure efficient scanning, and can read all international standard one-dimensional barcodes and mainstream two-dimensional barcodes, such as common QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417, etc., the reading performance has reached the international advanced level. It is specially optimized for the current mainstream mobile phone screen code reading. It can easily read the mobile phone screen code information in the environment of color film, dark screen, strong light and low light.

RD4500R not only has its own buzzer for debugging, but also provides interface options such as USB and RS232. The product can communicate directly through the serial line. Access control equipment manufacturers can choose the 4500 series of QR code scanner equipment and products according to their needs. Trigger mode, etc., suitable for embedded applications of various gates, access control terminals and self-service terminals. If you are interested in such applications, welcome to contact Shenzhen Rakinda Technology! We will provide you with free sample tests of various QR code recognition modules (customizable by OEM) and technical after-sales service from manufacturers to meet your project needs.

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