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How to Guard the Hospital's Epidemic Prevention by the Face Temperature Measurement Access Control?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-11-16 | Views:70

Even if the epidemic prevention and control has become normal, the epidemic prevention and control work in hospitals in various places is still carried out in an orderly manner. At the entrances and exits of the hospitals and outpatient buildings, it is necessary to complete daily health code checks and personnel temperature registration for many outsiders. It is conceivable that the simple manual workload is very large. Therefore, many hospitals will introduce the health code face recognition temperature measurement access control terminal, through the deployment of anti-epidemic AI temperature measurement + health code precision epidemic prevention overall solution can match the current epidemic prevention and health management, and at the same time match the access control and attendance management in certain hospital scenarios. 

For example, Wuchuan People's Hospital installed a face temperature measurement and health code terminal at the entrance of the hospital to be used with channel gates and access control systems, which can identify the body temperature of passers-by, and at the same time, the health code status can be quickly presented by recognizing the mobile phone health code, only after passing the temperature measurement and scanning code verification at the same time, the door can be opened before entering the hospital. Jiangsu Ehu Health Center has also installed a post-type health code inspection and temperature measurement integrated machine at the entrance of the emergency department to ensure that the human body temperature and health code verification are accurately tested without omission.

In terms of application in this industry, Shenzhen Rakinda Technology has a full series of customized health code precision epidemic prevention overall solutions, including various series of non-contact thermal imaging face recognition temperature measurement access control all-in-one machines, national epidemic prevention health code modules and other hardware At the same time, with the help of Shenzhen Rakinda’s current national platform health codes that have been developed and completed, Shanghai-Suishen Code, Jiangsu-Sukang Code, Sichuan-Tianfutong, Jilin-Jiangsu Code, Anhui-Ankang Code, Jiangxi- The regional health code application interfaces of Gantong Code, Shaanxi-Weinan Health Code, Gansu and other provinces and cities can be directly deployed in various public places to guard the "first door" of grassroots epidemic prevention.

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