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Introduction of Common QR Code Barcode Scanning Modules
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-06-21 | Views:715
During this time, many customers have inquired about the QR code barcode scanning module. For example, how to apply the QR code barcode scanning module? What is the difference between the 1D barcode scanning module and the 2D QR code scanning module? With these questions in mind, Shenzhen RAKINDA will answer these questions one by one by sorting them out simply and clearly. If you are interested, you can bookmark this article.

The barcode scanning module is also called barcode scan engine, barcode reading engine, QR code scanning module, QR code recognition module, etc. It is an embedded type scanner that is different from handheld barcode scanners.  Generally used for device embedding and product integration, data transmission is carried out through hardware interfaces such as TTL232, RS232, USB (HID-KBW, virtual serial port), etc. Due to its compact size and unparalleled convenient embedded design, it is easy for project integration. Thus, the terminal device is endowed with the function of "barcode scanning", which is embedded (implanted) into the "scanning port" to self-inductively identify the one-dimensional & two-dimensional code information displayed on the screen of the mobile phone or on the paper, thereby expanding more functions to Serve our lives and work.
For example, just like the working principle of the common bus code scanning equipment in life, it is actually based on the embedded RD4500 QR code scanning module and is connected to the bus payment system through the hardware interface. After opening the mobile payment interface, we can experience the convenience of "scanning the code to take the bus", you will find that the square and exposed part on the machine can read the "bus code" (QR code) of our mobile phone. The core is the scanning of the QR code  module. Next, let's talk about its division. According to different scanning types, it is generally divided into 1D barcode scanning module and 2D code scanning module; according to different light sources, it is generally divided into red light scanning module, laser scanning module and image scanning module; according to the different embedded types, it is generally divided into OEM embedded scanner module and fixed mount barcode scanner.

Which QR code barcode scanning module is better? After more than 20 years of barcode scanning industry experience and user after-sales data survey, Shenzhen RAKINDA recommends the following barcode scanning modules. You can choose the following scanning modules according to your needs and budget:

1)Rakinda LV1365 1D code scanning module (mini 1D red light scanning module)

2) Rakinda  LV3296 2D barcode scanning module (for handheld terminals)

3)Rakinda LV3000H high-precision QR code scanning module (can scan small barcodes about 2mm, laser engraving codes, reflective QR codes, etc.)

4)RD4300 Image QR Code Scanning Engine

5)RD4500 QR code scanning module (for self-service terminals)

Finally, the QR code barcode scanning modules applicable to different industries may be different, so you need to make a reasonable selection according to your actual project needs. If you don't know how to choose, Shenzhen RAKINDA will help you. On your behalf, we will professionally select the most suitable and cost-effective 2D barcode scanning module for you to meet your needs. The QR code module independently developed by Shenzhen Rakinda can quickly read reflective barcode, paper code and screen QR code information, which meets various usage needs in different applications. Excellent for reading damaged, smudged and high-density barcodes at the same time.

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