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SM-BY05BD Access Control System

Category:Unmanned Supermarket

Product ID:SM-BY05BD


Product Introduction:Wing Barrier Gate: basically consists of main box and movable wing, the shape is like a winged eagle, hence the name wing gate.

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Wing Barrier Gate: basically consists of main box and movable wing, the shape is like a winged eagle, hence the name wing gate; the box material is made of SUS304 stainless steel, streamlined structure, the tank has a professional drain groove, the wing gate can be installed indoors and outdoors. It has the function of blocking (dissuasion) for unauthorized personnel, so it is also known as the brake; the advantage is that the running speed is fast, the atmosphere is luxurious, one channel has two wing gates facing each other, at least two single movements form one channel, and two movements can also be used. In the middle of the formation of multiple channels, the channel width is less than 600MM. For the large baggage channel, now the wing gate can be selected as a widened version of the wings, which solves the shortcomings of pedestrians only.

The wing gate is mainly used for pedestrian passage management; it has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience, and is an ideal management and drainage device for pedestrians with high frequency access. It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of people flow. It is an upgraded version of three roller gates and swing gates. The appearance is fashionable, generous, fast speed. It has been widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, terminals, attractions, parks, student dormitories, and pedestrian walkways.

Wing gate shape: The appearance box can be divided into bridge type octagonal inclined wing gate, bridge type ship-shaped wing gate, bridge type trapezoidal wing gate, double-core wing gate. Wing gates can be divided into other materials such as soft wings and acrylic.

Basic Introduction of Motherboard Function:

* It has fault self-test and alarm prompt function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

* With automatic reset function,After the switch is opened, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission for the pass when the time is not passed within the specified time.

* Freely adjustable normally open or normally closed to meet the requirements of different venues.

* Can be attached to a variety of card reading devices,Receiving relay switch signal operation.

* One-way, two-way pendulum function, one-way or two-way control personnel can enter and exit.

* The remote control and management can be realized directly through the access control panel and the management computer.

* Delay automatic reset, the system defaults to automatic reset after 5 seconds (adjustable) after being turned on.

* The power-off swing arm is automatically opened and automatically closed after power-on,Meet fire protection requirements.

* Illegal intrusion alarm.

* Swipe memory function; can achieve multi-person simultaneous card swiping, waiting for more people to pass and then close.

Wing Barrier Gate Function Description:
1. All are made of 304 stainless steel, designed according to international standards of moisture, dust and water.
2. The box body is based on standardized design, laser cutting, opening, one-time forming technology, mechanized drawing process, modular docking, easy loading and unloading maintenance, high degree of interchangeability.
3. The thickness of the whole body stainless steel box is 1.1-1.5mm; the thickness can be customized.
4. The unique cold light source warning device on the wing shutter is the first in the industry and optional. (customized)
5. The wing plate is made of high-strength transparent material with cold light source backlight to ensure pedestrian safety at night. (customized)
6. Adopt 3 pairs of infrared devices or light curtains to realize anti-tailing, direction discrimination, anti-pinch and alarm functions.
7. Comes with UPS battery, power off and retract the wing.
8. Humanized status identification to distinguish the current equipment operating status.
9. The wing gate adopts standard electrical interface, which can easily integrate the QR code, ID card, IC card and other card readers on the device; it can be connected to the card swallowing machine and the coin swallowing machine.
10. In case of emergency, the system has emergency measures to ensure unimpeded access and facilitate evacuation of personnel.
11. Unified standard external electrical interface, can be connected with a variety of card readers, and can be remotely controlled and managed through a management computer.
12. The whole system adopts DC brush motor, low power consumption, stable operation, no jitter, and low noise.
13. In low temperature areas, the equipment can be equipped with a heating device. (need to be customized)
14. Automatic homing function: In the normally closed mode, after the passage process ends, the wing automatically returns to the blocking zero position.
15. Automatic reset function:
(1) After the legal traffic signal is given, no one will pass within the specified transit time (adjustable), and the system will automatically restore the brake wing to block the position and cancel the passage.
(2) The system is abnormal or illegal, resulting in the brake wing not being attributed to the blocking zero. After the specified time (adjustable), the system automatically restores the brake wing to zero.
16. Power-off function: When the power is off, the system will automatically open the gate to open, which is convenient for evacuating people and meeting fire protection requirements.
17. Anti-illegal intrusion function: When a legal pass or no traffic is given during controlled access, forcibly entering the channel will be considered as an illegal intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm and ensure that the wing is closed.
18. Anti-backup function: Before the end of the traffic process in one direction, the pedestrian entering the channel from the opposite direction will be regarded as a reverse intrusion, and the system will automatically alarm.
19. Power-on self-test function: When the device is powered on or restarted, it will automatically detect whether the function is normal.
20. Anti-pinch and anti-friction function:
Infrared anti-pinch: Install multiple pairs of infrared detectors in the area close to the movement of the wing (anti-pinch area). Once the person or object in the anti-pinch area is detected, the wing will stop automatically until the person or object leaves the anti-pinch area. After that, the wing will continue to move.
21. Anti-collision function: It adopts the original industry-leading mechanical structure, the brake wing is closed, and it can withstand the collision force within the safe range.
22. Access indication function: LED installation on the front of the cabinet indicates the traffic status and traffic direction (default) / LED installation indications in other locations (optional).
23. Compatibility: Configure dry contact signal output interface and wide threshold level signal input interface, compatible with various access controllers. 

Customized Features:
* Materials, surface treatment methods and appearance style dimensions, lengthening and heightening.
* Integrated access control system, can be connected to external input RS232 or RS485 signal control.
* Integrated ID card/fingerprint machine/face recognition instrument and other mainstream verification equipment.
* Integrated ticketing system (including barcode scanning technology / swallowing card, punch card / multi-terminal authentication device).
* Integrated credit card camera system.
* Integrated temperature control system.
* Install remote control module.
* Installed acrylic lighting effect device / Acrylic LOGO printing (VI vector graphic design file is required) waterproof and dustproof design.

Product Parameters:

Power voltage AC220±10%,50Hz
Drive motor DC motor 24V/100W
Working environment temperature -30 ° C ~ +70 ° C
Relative humidity relative humidity ≤ 95%, no condensation
Input interface 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width >100ms
Drive current >200mA
Communication interface RS-232/485 electrical standard; (customized)
Communication distance RS-232/20 meters; RS-485<1200 meters
Maximum channel width 580mm; standard channel width: 550MM
Passing speed ≤ 40 people / minute
Gate opening and closing time 1.5 seconds (adjustable)
Dimensions length 1200 * width 300 * height 980MM
Structure frame structure / standard stainless steel casing
Working environment indoors and outdoors
The wing gate motherboard comes with a test function
Provide wing gate motherboard 232, 485 communication protocol, remote opening terminal program (need to be customized)

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